Institute Finding Aids: Local and Ethnic History

  • Data Sheets For Study Of Growth And Decline Of North Dakota Cities And Villages (Mss 369)
  • Daughters Of Dakota Pioneers (Mss 207)
    The Daughters of Dakota Pioneers began in 1934 as the Fargo Chapter of the Pioneer Daughters of North Dakota and later became an independent organization. It was founded to honor the memory and spirit of the women pioneers in North Dakota, to perpetuate and preserve the history of North Dakota and to promote interest in the resources and activities of North Dakota. It includes its meeting minutes, yearbooks and scrapbooks. The four scrapbooks contain items from 1936 through 2003, but there are very few items before 1960. They include newspaper clippings of accomplishments, obituaries, engagements and marriages of members and member’s kin, as well as articles about the organization’s activities and events. They also contain many clippings and articles pertaining to local history and especially to events at Bonanzaville.
  • Falconer, William A. (Mss 228)
    Longtime Bismarck city official who kept handwritten notes on the back of pre-printed personal tax forms.
  • Folklore Collection Of Dr. Timothy J. Kloberdanz And His NDSU Students (Mss 146)
  • Fort Ransom (N.D.) (SC 50)
    Historical sketches, pageant programs, and newspaper clippings, relating to Fort Ransom (in existence 1867-1872) and the community of Fort Ransom (founded 1880 on site of the old fort), both in Ransom County, N.D.
  • Fort Yates (N.D.) (SC 48)
    Community survey (1936), including photos, compiled by Vivian E. Luther; "Record of the Proceedings of an Institute of the Schools of Standing Rock Agency" (1904); fact sheet; clippings; and other materials, relating to Fort Yates, the headquarters for Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and the reservation.
  • Griggs County Sentinel-Courier Broadside Collection (Mss 1569)
  • Gumb, Katherine Hughes (Mss 993)
    Iowa native who came to Fargo in 1887 and later became interested in the history of Steele County, N.D.
  • Isern, Thomas D. (Wrought Iron Cross Cemeteries Research Project) (Mss 298)
  • Johnson, Roy P. (Mss 147)
    Local newspaper man who collected articles and wrote articles on different events and people significant to North Dakota and western Minnesota.
  • Kloberdanz, Timothy J. (Mss 146)
  • Know Your North Dakota (Mss 45)
    Collection of articles written by a variety of authors featuring North Dakota historical events, people and subjects and intended for publication in state weekly newspapers.
  • North Dakota Ephemera Collection (Mss 1598)
  • North Dakota Historical Collection (Mss 53)
    Eclectic collection of pamphlets, brochures, newspaper clippings, etc. compiled by Institute staff covering a broad range of North Dakota topics.
  • North Dakota Local History Collection (Mss 130)
    An ecletic collection of documents related to North Dakota communities and counties.
  • North Dakota Masonic Temple Library (Mss 1942)
    This collection is a valuable reference collection covering almost all facets of Red River Valley history and to some extent North Dakota. It is comprised mainly of newspaper clippings although there are some pamphlets, brochures and manuscripts.
  • North Dakota Newspaper Collection (Newspaper Collection)
    This alphabetical listing is for hard copy issues of various North Dakota newspapers, including school newspapers, available at the Archives Research Room. A small number of editions from other states are listed at the end.
  • North Dakota Writers’ Project Ethnic Group Files (Microfilm F635.N68 1989)
  • Osmundson, Allen (Mss 250)
    McVille, North Dakota native who has an interest in local history and his Norwegian Lutheran heritage.
  • Plains Folk, North Dakota’s Ethnic History (End Notes) (Mss 185)
  • Porterville, Myrtle (Mss 296)
    Griggs County, N.D. native and resident whose avocation was collecting the history of Griggs County, amassing an amazing collection on the county's history and the people who lived there. The collection is a major genealogical resource for Griggs County.
  • Powell, Walter D. (Mss 244)
    Local businessman who moved to western North Dakota and was interested in archaeology and early history. He is credited with the discovery of a Mandan Indian Village neat Menoken, N.D. that is believed to have been visited by La Verendrye in 1738.
  • Red River Valley Heritage Society. Essay Contest Papers (Mss 5, 44, 69 & 252)
    Essay contest that began in 1965 and continued into the 1990s.
  • Red River Valley Historical Society (Mss 243)
    Historical society founded to expand the public's knowledge of the Red River Valley of the North.
  • Richard, Frank J. (Mss 187)
    Local man and engineer interested in his family's history who spent a great deal of time collecting documents and doing research. Some documents are written in French-Canadian.
  • Saunders, Eben (Mss 61)
    An Englishman whose family immigrated to Michigan who became an ordained Congregational minister and published numerous newspaper articles on the history of North Dakota and the Red River Valley.
  • Schell, James P. (Mss96)
    Reverend who served many of the churches in the Red River Valley who wrote In the Ojibway Country as well as other historical manuscripts.
  • Sherman, William C. (French Settlement In N.D.) (Mss 335)
    One of Father Bill Sherman's chief interests was to compile documentation about the early settlers of what became North Dakota, their particular ethnic roots, and information about their history and culture. One of the ethnic groups studied by Father Sherman was people of French origin and background. French North Dakotans were a small but not negligible part of the North Dakota community. This collection related to the French Settlement in North Dakota was compiled by Father Sherman over the years of his career.
  • Sherman, William C. (Jewish Settlement In N.D.) (Mss 334)
    One of Father William Sherman's chief interests was to compile documentation about the early settlers of what became North Dakota, their particular ethnic roots, and information about their history and culture. One of ethnic groups studied by Father Sherman was people of Jewish origin and background.
  • Spiker, Allen L. (Mss 371)
  • Walters, Émile (Mss 630)
  • Walters, Thorstina Jackson (Mss 630)
  • Wemett, William M. (Mss 449)
    A New York native who became Valley City State College history professor from 1910 to 1954 after a brief high school teaching career.
  • Williams, Mary Ann Barnes (SC 131)
    Correspondence and reminiscences, relating to General George Custer, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, forts Buford, Mandan, and Abraham Lincoln, Sakakawea, frontier life, and North Dakota history; and newspaper articles concerning Williams.