Institute Finding Aids: Politics and Government

  • Barnes, Oscar G. (Mss 443)
    Cass County Sheriff from 1892-1897 as well as Chairman of the Cass County Board of Commissioners.
  • Berg, James (Mss 277)
    Active in the North Dakota Democratic Party, Berg served in the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1992 to 1994 and the Senate from 1996 until his death in 1997. His papers cover his legislative career.
  • Bromenschenkel, Gib (Mss 342)
    The Gib Bromenschenkel Papers include materials related exclusively to Bromenschenkel's thirty-two year tenure on the Fargo City Commission. During his tenure, Gib was involved with the reorganization of the bus system, the controversial Model Cities Project, the Sheyenne Diversion Project, the Broadway Mall Project, the West Acres Mall development, the Metropolitan Council of Governments, redevelopment of the city water plant, the Torfin Teigen controversy, the Women's Health Clinic controversy, construction of the Fargo Dome, and the construction of several bridges.
  • Callahan, Irma (Mss 200)
    Active in local and national politics and was a delegate to the National Democratic Primary in 1956.
  • Craig, Minnie D. (Mss 282)
    Minnie Craig was elected in 1923 to the North Dakota House of Representatives where she served for six terms, culminating in 1933, as the first woman speaker of a House of Representatives in the nation. The Minnie D. Craig Papers consists mainly of her handwritten autobiography and two scrapbooks. The 99 page autobiography is incomplete and ends about 1946. The first scrapbook of newspaper clippings deals with Mrs. Craig’s political career in North Dakota, while the other deals with the Craig family
  • Diehl, Ralph (Mss 280)
    The Ralph Diehl Papers contain business records from his farm as well as records from the various agricultural organizations he was involved with. The collection contains records from Diehl's involvement in the Republican Party, information pertaining to his campaigns, and records from his terms as a state legislator. There are also papers from various other organizations that Diehl was involved in including civic, political, and religious. These records consist of a variety of records particularly correspondence and meeting minutes. They also include information pertaining to the issues Diehl was most concerned with, such as energy and agricultural issues.
  • Doyle, Stephen J. (Mss998)
    Massachusetts native, active in the North Dakota Legislature and served as a U.S. Marshal.
  • Eagles, Aloha (Mss 251)
    The Aloha Eagles Papers document her long and distinguished career as a state legislator, serving in the N.D. House of Representatives from 1967 to 1985 and her active support of women's issues. She introduced legislation that would have legalized North Dakota's abortion law in 1969 and in 1973 she introduced a resolution in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Elm River (Traill County, N.D.) (SC 6)
    Financial records of a township in Traill County, including village of Quincy (earlier known as Elm River), N.D.
  • Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council Of Governments (Mss 324)
    On October 17 and 18, 1961, at the North Dakota State Capitol Building, state and regional engineers, planners and administrators met to continue discussing the use of funds from the Urban Renewal Administration to complete planning studies in the state, in particular the Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., urbanized area. By the end of the meeting a tentative outline had been created for a Fargo-Moorhead Transportation Study and procedures for organizing the effort had been agreed upon. Thus, the first multi-jurisdictional growth plan for the Fargo-Moorhead urbanized area had began.
  • Fleming, Charles (Mss 219)
    Served as Gov. George Sinner's chief of staff from 1984 to 1992, after having been his 1984 campaign manager.
  • Foster, George I. (Mss 136)
    From 1864 to 1874, he served as Clerk in the Territorial Legislature and also as clerk, for five years, of the Territorial Supreme Court.
  • Fraser, G. Angus (Mss 74)
    From 1931 to 1933, General Fraser also served on the Board of State Capitol Commissioners which directed the construction of the new capitol in Bismarck.
  • Frazier, Lynn J. (Mss 70)
    North Dakota governor, 1916-1921 and United States senator, 1922-1940, with reputation of a progressive and later isolationist.
  • Hendrickson, Staale (Mss 839)
    Served in the North Dakota House of Representatives in 1909 and from 1913 to 1917 as a Republican and member of the Independent Voters Association.
  • Johnson, Martin N. (Mss 85)
    Served as a delegate at the North Dakota Constitutional Convention in 1889 and U.S. Representative for North Dakota from 1890 to 1899.
  • Kelso (N.D. : Township). Township Board (SC 36)
    Proceedings of the board and road orders of town supervisors concerning the construction and maintenance of township roads, in Traill County, N.D.
  • Ladd, Edwin F. (Mss 90)
    First chemistry professor at North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU), later president of NDAC, before becoming a U.S. Senator for North Dakota.
  • Lashkowitz, Herschel (Mss 343)
    The papers represent the political, mayoral and personal activities of Herschel Lashkowitz. The mayoral and City of Fargo files make up the bulk of the collection, and span from 1954 to 1974.
  • Martinson, Henry R. (Mss 30)
    Socialist who joined the Nonpartisan League before beginning a career as a poet and movie consultant.
  • McArthur, Dugald H. (Mss 331)
  • Missouri River Diversion Project (SC 18)
    Miscellaneous documents, including report of public hearing held at Jamestown, N.D. (1930), interviews of owners and tenants on the proposed irrigation project (1944), minor correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other materials, relating to Missouri River Basin Project.
  • Morgan, Sylvia (Mss286)
    Ms. Morgan (aka Sylvia Kruger) was active in the Democratic Party, was a delegate to the 1968 National Convention, a supporter of Eugene McCarthy.
    The Sylvia Morgan Papers concentrate on her political activities in Fargo and North Dakota from 1964 until the 1972 election, and her establishment and development of the Women‟s Studies program at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She attended the Democratic National Convention at Chicago in 1968 as a delegate. The majority of the convention papers are from the Rules and Order of Convention Committee, where she represented North Dakota's opposition to Unit Rule voting and support of withdrawal from Vietnam. Other subjects covered include the Antiballistic Missile System (ABM), presidential candidates Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern, the North Dakota Democratic Party, and women's issues of the 1980s.
  • Murrey, William W. (Mss 60)
    Labor supervisor on WPA projects and later head of the Fargo-Moorhead Trades and Labor Assembly.
  • Nalewaja, Donna (Acc. 2594)
    The Donna Nalewaja Papers consist primarily of her personal papers related to her political campaigns for election to the North Dakota House of Representatives in 1982 and her successful election to the North Dakota Senate in 1986. The papers also include some material related to her unsuccessful race for the United States Senate in 1998. The most substantive records are the scrapbooks that cover from her initial campaign in 1982 up to 1997 as well as her work in the North Dakota Legislature.
  • Nelson, Theodore G., 1880-1961 (Mss 631)
    Organized the Independent Voters Association and in 1921 helped to orchestrate the first recall in the nation of a governor.
  • Nonpartisan League Collection (Mss 51)
    Political party founded by A.C. Townley whose objective was to protect the farmers through government intervention.
  • North Dakota 1889 Constitutional Convention Autograph Book (Mss 363)
  • North Dakota Taxpayers Association Collection (SC 14)
    Non-political group, formed to help solve N.D. tax problems, organized in 1931. The association was formed to insure economical administration of government and school affairs.
  • Nygaard, Hjalmar (Mss 184)
    U.S. Representative for North Dakota from 1961-1963.
  • Olsness, S. A. (Mss 220)
    North Dakota's Insurance Commissioner from 1916 to 1934 when he was defeated by the supporters of William Langer.
  • Olson, Alice K. (Mss 356, Audio cassettes 221-226 & 236-238)
    The Alice Olson Papers and accompanying oral history interview provide us with a view of an extremely energetic feminist agent of social change and consciousness during the turbulent years of the 1960s and into the early 1980s. We can see how she interacted with people and politics on a local and national level to bring women into politics as more than just observers of the process, for them to be activists for causes that would elevate women‘s rights to a higher level than they had previously attained. Her details of her arrest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention and personal observations on this event that was of national historical significance are invaluable additions to available research on this topic.
  • Olson, Ole H. (Mss 1060)
    Olson was a New Rockford settler and North Dakota governor. The collection contains threshing account books, travel expense, stallion service books, and homestead deeds. The collection also contains material relating to Olson's political career.
  • Paulson, John D. (Mss 198)
    Retired editor of the Fargo Forum who wrote numerous essays on North Dakota's political figures in preparation for the state centennial.
  • Pollock, Robert M. (Mss 14)
    Present at the Constitutional Convention in 1889 and authored the prohibition clause and helped to fight the Louisana Lottery.
  • Richland Rural Water Users (Mss 362)
    The Richland Rural Water Users purpose was to determine the feasibility and implement the construction and operation of a rural water supply system in twenty townships in central and northeast Richland County, N. D.
  • Schneider, John T. (Accession 2992)
    Attorney John Schneider started his legal career in Fargo. He specialized in labor law and represented various organized workers’ organizations. In 1982 he was elected from Fargo District 21 to the North Dakota House of Representatives and served to 1992. He was elected House Democrat Leader in 1989 and 1991. In 1993 he was appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of North Dakota and served to 2000. The inventory is primarily organized into three main aspects of John’s life: his political career, his legal career, and the last years of his life.
  • Short, Don L. (Don Levingston) (SC 10)
    Correspondence, press releases, Short's newsletter Short Report (1961-1964), and newspaper clippings, chiefly relating to his activities in the U.S. Congress (1959-1965).
  • Sinner, George A. (Mss 346)
  • Spalding, Burleigh F. (Burleigh Folsom) (SC 8)
    Reminiscences (73 p., 1924) chiefly relating to North Dakota politics and Spalding's activities as U.S. representative (1899-1901, 1903-1905), with the state Republican Party, and as North Dakota Supreme Court judge (1907-1914), as dictated to Mary Nowatski; donor correspondence; and newspaper clippings. No papers dated 1935-1959.
  • Thompson, Martin O. (Mss 123)
    States Attorney (1915-1922) and Judge (1923-1948) of Ransom County, N.D.
  • Twichell, Luther (Mss 40)
    Brothers who both served in the North Dakota House of Representatives and Senate during the period 1895-1944.
  • Twichell, Treadwell (Mss 40)
    Brothers who both served in the North Dakota House of Representatives and Senate during the period 1895-1944.
  • United States. Turtle Mountain Indian Commission (SC 22)
    Photocopy of typed copy of the Commission's report, dated Dec. 3, 1892, to John W. Noble, Secretary of the Interior, concerning the 1892 negotiations with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in N.D. Report (25 leaves) documents Commission activities in negotiating the Articles of Agreement (10 leaves) divesting the Indians of their rights and title to almost 10,000,000 acres for $1,000,000. Also includes a copy of the 1863 treaty (with 1864 supplement) between the U.S. and the Red Lake and Pembina bands of Chippewa Indians.
  • Vogel, Lois (Mss 13)
    Stenographer who became interested in the North Dakota Constitution and later attended the Constitution Convention held in 1972 as a delegate.
  • Votes For Women League Of North Dakota, Fargo Branch (Mss 49)
    The Votes for Women League of North Dakota (also called North Dakota League for Votes for Women) was organized in 1912 in Fargo in conjunction with the appearance of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, a note English suffragist, in Fargo for a public talk. The league's records consist of meeting minutes (1912-1919), some correspondence and various subject files, including an undated typed constitution.
  • Wells, Edward P. (Mss 135)
    Built the first house in Jamestown, ND and his scrapbooks nicely document the early political situation in North Dakota.