Institute Publishes Address and Date Book

Do you need a new address book? Is your current one full or certain letters out of space to add new names? Forget people's birthdays? The Institute has a new publication just for you.

Its Greetings from North Dakota address and date book will help you organize this important information. The book features scenes from towns across North Dakota taken from historic postcards in the archival collections of the Institute. The over fifty images include bird's-eye views of towns, town schools, churches and other buildings, as well as the Dakota landscape. The postcards, spanning from 1907 to the 1930s, come from the collections of Lawrence Aasen and Dr. Ronald Olin. The Aasen images are from his mother Clara Aasen's correspondence, while Olin's are part of a 10,000 postcard collection he recently donated to the Institute.

Check local book and gift stores across the state to purchase a copy. Copies are also available directly from the Institute. The price is only $13.95, plus $4 shipping. Mail orders may be sent to the Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU Dept. #2360, P.O. Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050, or call 701-231-8338. A convenient order form is available at the Institute web site.

Consult Institute Publications for other available Institute books.