Mystery solved!


Thank you to Todd Holes for his sharp eyes in identifying a previously unidentified photograph in our collection.  Several years ago, Mr. Holes while researching the James Holes Family Photograph Collection (Photo 2093) ran across three photographs of an elderly woman mounted in the Holes family photo album.  There was no identification with the photographs, but he felt that it had to be someone related to the Holes family.  The mystery was solved when Mr. Holes ran across a story that ran in the St. Paul Daily Globe, February 2, 1889.  The article discussed that the elderly mother of Mrs. Andrew Holes, Rebecca H. Corbin, had moved to Moorhead to live with her daughter.  Along with the article was an engraving very similar to the unidentified photographs in our collection.  Mrs. Corbin died in Moorhead on February 17, 1892, and the age of 93.