NDSU Archives closing to public August 1, 2013 to early spring 2014

The NDSU Archives is moving to a new location and will be closed to the public starting on August 1, 2013, and will remain closed until early spring 2014.   We thank our patrons for their understanding and patience. 

During this transition period, access to the NDSU Archives will be limited and by appointment only.  Please be aware that there will be no access to some collections and limited access to others.  Access will also be dependent upon staff availability. To request access to the NDSU Archives, please contact Trista Raezer, Interim Director at 701-231-8877 or Trista.Raezer@ndsu.edu

Online reference services will continue during this period, however it may require an extended turnaround time.  Please send online reference requests to:  NDSU.Library.Archives@ndsu.edu.

Please check back to the Archives website periodically for updates and further information as the move proceeds.