NDSU Archives now a member of Historypin

Have you ever wished you could have walked around Fargo a hundred years ago? Now is your chance! The NDSU Archives is combining history with geography through Historypin.com. This dynamic new website allows users to “pin” historic photographs onto a Google map. Thus viewers can see the historic photograph superimposed onto the current Google street view map, and compare what buildings looked like in the past with today.
Historypin was created by the non-profit We Are What We Do in partnership with Google to allow archives, libraries, schools, and individuals from around the world to share historic photos to tell the story of the past. Viewers can explore a Google map of the world to view these glimpses of the past.
So far the NDSU Archives has uploaded five collections of photographs ranging from 1876 to 2009: NDSU/NDAC Campus, the Hawthorne Neighborhood, the Clara Barton Neighborhood, the Downtown District, and the Tornado of 1957. Many more collections will be added over time to cover other parts of North Dakota. Check out our Historypin page and “take a walk” through historic Fargo! http://www.historypin.com/channels/view/id/12313037/
Contact Archivist Trista Raezer or Archives Associate John Hallberg with any questions or comments. (701) 321-8914 or NDSU.Library.Archives@ndsu.edu