New memoir "Don't Let the Kids Bite the Dog" added to collection

The new book, Don't Let the Kids Bite the Dog, by Kathleen Holstad Pease, has been added to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives.  The memoir follows the Holstad family from Rolla, North Dakota.  The following description is from the back cover:

“With the victorious campaign slogan "I Like Ike!" ringing in your ears, journey back in time with Kathleen Holstad Pease to a less complicated time and place. It was the fifties, that prosperous decade following a tragic war. Experience life in a small town in North Dakota through the eyes of a child. The challenging winters and stifling summers create a community of hearty souls that fill the pages with delightful stories of her early years living in a basement house, the county sheriff's house complete with a jail and finally, an apartment on Main Street. Travel with the family as they journey west seeking economic stability. This coming-of-age tale will make you smile, shed a tear, and escape to another period in time. Hold on to your hat, we're on our way!“