Book "I Didn't Know Game Wardens Did That!" added to collection

The book, I Didn't Know Game Wardens Did That!, by Bruce E Burkett, has been added to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives book collection.  The following comes from Amazon:

“All over the United States, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve the public. But the specialized officers called game wardens walk in two worlds: criminal law and wildlife biology.

Their jurisdiction is the great outdoors, where they are in charge of protecting wildlife and precious natural resources, while enforcing the rules that keep people safe while hiking, swimming, or camping. These highly-trained individuals are considered an asset to conservation communities and states all over the country, and long-time game warden Bruce Burkett is here to share the fascinating truth about what they do.

He has spent more than forty-two years as a law enforcement officer in North Dakota, and over the decades has collected plenty of experiences to write about. From life and death encounters, to dive team rescues, to learning to fly, he hopes to share some of the most memorable stories of his career in this thrilling collection.


Organized by content and theme, this unique look at the real-life cases of a top game warden is a must-read for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, pilots, and anyone who enjoys a real police story—sometimes happy, other times bittersweet, but always 100 percent true.”