"Pacing Dakota" by Dr. Tom Isern added to collection

The new NDSU Press book, Pacing Dakota, by Dr. Thomas D. Isern, has been added to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives book collection.  The following comes from the NDSU Press website:

Pacing Dakota is a collection of essays reflecting on the history and culture of the Great Plains of North America. University Distinguished Professor Thomas D. Isern, with more than forty years as a working historian and regional author, transitions from the close confines of historical archives into the prairie landscapes of the northern plains. Pacing Dakota speaks with the mingled voices of scholarly historian, outdoor sportsman, culinary enthusiast, lifelong Lutheran, and prairie farmboy. The author prowls prairie churches, finds forgotten artifacts, and gathers cherished stories from Williston to Wahpeton and points beyond. He situates his encounters along the way into the canon of literary and historical writing on the prairies. In the end, he speaks for a generation committed to making a good life in this place.”