Volume 9 of "Fascinating North Dakotans" donated

Author Curt Eriksmoen has donated his latest book, Fascinating North Dakotans: A Biography Series, 47 Stories About People Who Have Lived in North Dakota, Volume 9.  The following comes from the introduction:

“Volume 9 includes 48 people who either were born here, started their careers here, moved here after achieving greatness in other geographic areas, or spent almost their entire lived in North Dakota.  Our North Dakota coverage goes back to 1826, when John Sanford arrived as the government agent of the Mandan villages along the Missouri River, and continues up to the second decade of the 21st century.  Eighteen of the people were active adults during the territorial days of Dakota.  All but four of the people in this volume lived to see North Dakota become a state, and most of those profiled were prominent individuals in North Dakota.”