A number of North Dakota newspapers are available at the Institute Microforms Area. The Institute holds only a small number of original hard copy newspaper issues, primarily for Fargo and special editions for North Dakota communities (community diamond jubilee, centennials, etc.). An alphabetical holdings list by town is available. It is divided into Fargo, N.D.-Moorhead, Minn., and North Dakota Towns, and Microfilm. A very small number of non-North Dakota items are at the end of the North Dakota listing. The State Historical Society of North Dakota is the official repository for North Dakota newspapers. Most are on microfilm and can be obtained through interlibrary loan from the society. Consult their online listing of newspaper holdings.

Research Tools

Fargo's The Forum is the only North Dakota newspaper with a published index, compiled and published from 1976 through 1995 by the NDSU Libraries Research Services Division.  The indexes are now available as an online database.  For access to articles after 1995 consult the Forum's web site In-Forum. Limited indexing of the Fargo Forum and several other Fargo newspapers for years prior to 1976 is being done by the Institute staff and is included in The Forum database. Other Fargo newspapers represented in this database include the Argus, predecessor to the Fargo Forum which began publication in 1879; the Fargo Daily Courier-News (title varies), a competitor of the Fargo Forum which it purchased in 1925; and the only issue published of the Cass and Clay County Review. The latter title was published in December 1892 and contains articles on businesses in Fargo, N.D., Moorhead, Minn., and surrounding communities.

Special Editions Indexed

The searchable database for 1879 - 1975 includes a number of special editions of the Fargo Forum. Included are:

Jan. 16, 1906 -  Tri-State Grain Growers Association Convention issue

July 16, 1907 -  Industrial edition, with sketches on businesses and businessmen of Fargo-Moorhead

Jan. 18, 1927 -  Souvenir edition, commemorating the new Forum building

April 12, 1935 -  Fargo's 60th anniversary section

Sept. 26, 1935 - West Fargo Union Stockyards opening

Nov. 17, 1938Fargo Forum 60th anniversary section

June 7, 1939 -   Upcoming visit to North Dakota by Norwegian Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha

Jan. 1, 1950 -   Mid-century section (not on microfilm; available in Institute)

June 4, 1950 -  Fargo Diamond Jubilee edition

Jan. 4, 1953 -   Oil edition

Nov. 15, 1953 -  Fargo Forum 75th anniversary edition

Jan. 10, 1954 -  Oil edition

Sept. 26, 1954 - Standard Oil refinery at Mandan, N.D. edition

June 21, 1957 -   Fargo tornado (Evening edition)

June 22, 1957 -   Fargo tornado (Morning edition)

June 1957 -     Tornado edition (not on microfilm; available in Institute)


The newspaper collections are available for use in the Institute for Regional Studies Archives & University Archives Research Room, and reference staff is available to assist in your research needs. Copying facilities are also available; including paper copies from microfilm.

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