Nonpartisan Leader Cartoons on Digital Horizons

Don't become discouraged, there is one bright spot where the people rule and we have real democracy in America, your day is coming! 1919

The Institute for Regional Studies has added a new collection to Digital Horizons of political cartoons from the Nonpartisan Leader newspaper, published between 1915 and 1923. Featured are twenty-four original John Miller Baer ink drawing cartoons preserved at the Institute. Baer was the league’s most prominent cartoonist, and he was elected in 1917 to the United States House of Representatives from North Dakota. Even after his election he continued to cartoon for the N.P.L.

The cartoons included here, published in the Nonpartisan Leader, are but a very small sampling of the rich collection of political cartooning found in issues of the Leader. The entire run of the Leader is available on microfilm at the Institute and the Institute preserves almost a complete hard-copy set. All of our current digital scans are included, however we hope to digitize additional cartoons when staffing allows. For this collection we mounted the high resolution images so a research can zoom in on the fine details of each cartoon.

Included is a link to former NDSU History Professor Bill Reid’s article on Baer that was published in North Dakota History. The web site also includes a Further Readings list to selective publications on the history of the Nonpartisan League.

Link to the Nonpartisan Leader Cartoons: