North Dakota Federal and Territorial Censuses

The Federal, territorial and partial state census schedules for Dakota Territory and North Dakota are available on microfilm at the Institute. Several census schedules are accompanied by a Soundex index, either on microfilm or by a published computer generated index. There is no index available for the 1930 census. We have only portions of the 1915 and 1925 state censuses, and neither is indexed.

1850 Minnesota Territorial Census (Inst. F605.H3)
     (Printed index only available with annotations, includes the Pembina district of North Dakota)

1860 Dakota Territory (Microfilm HA631 1860 .U5 1967)
     Printed index: Dakota 1860 Territorial Census Index (Inst. HA631 1860 .J32 1980)

1870 Dakota Territory (Microfilm HA631 1870 .U5 1965)
     Printed index: Dakota 1870 Territorial Census Index (Inst. HA631 1870 .D35 1979)

1880 Dakota Territory (Microfilm HA631 1880 .U5 1970)
     Printed indexes: Dakota 1880 Territorial Census Index (Inst. HA631 1880 .D35 1979)

1885 Dakota Territory (N.D. and S. D., Microfilm HA631 1885.D34)
     Printed indexes for many North Dakota counties. Searchable database

1890 North Dakota (Microfilm E494.N9 U5)
     Schedules enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans of the Civil War only.
     Printed index: North Dakota, Special Census of Veterans (Inst. E494.N9 U5 Index)

1900 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561 1900 .U5 1970)
     Soundex index: (Microfilm HA561 1900 .U5 1978)
     Printed Indexes: Billings, Emmons, Logan, and Oliver counties (Inst. HA567 1900)

1910 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561.5 1910 .U5 1982)
     Printed index: North Dakota 1910 Census Index.

1915 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561.5 1920 .C46 1992)
     Burleigh and Cass counties only.

1920 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561.5 1915 .N67)
     Soundex index: (Microfilm HA561.5 1920.U55 1992)

1925 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561.5 1925.N67)
     Cass, Cavalier, Dickey and Divide counties only.

1930 North Dakota (Microfilm HA561.5 1920 .C46 1992)
     No index.