"Paha Sapa Tawoyake: Wade's Stories" republication, recently donated to archives

The book Paha Sapa Tawoyake are the storys told by William V. Wade, and originally edited by his daughter Mamie L. Wade Weeden. In 2012 Lynn D. Bueling of Mandan, North Dakota republished the book with permission of Wade's descendants.  The books description reads:

"William V. Wade lived a life of adventure along the Missouri River when it was still wild country.  He knew and interacted with frontiersmen before they became the stereotyped characters we recognize in today's literature.  Wade tells stories of Custer, Sitting Bull, Gall, Liver Eatin' Johnson, and other as only one who personally knew them can tell.  After marrying and starting a family, he settled down to life as a cattle rancher on the nearby Cannonball River and wrote these accounts near the end of his life."

In this new addition by Mr. Bueling, an addendum has been added to the end of the book that provides insight on William Wade's life.  We thank Lynn Bueling for the generous donation of his book to the our book collection.