Paul F. Rice photograph album added to Digital Horizons

Dr. Rice with rock formations at Cannon Ball, N.D.Just mounted on Digital Horizons is the Dr. Paul F. Rice photograph album, which was discovered on Ebay and purchased for the Institute for Regional Studies Archives collection with funds from the Dick Kloubec Endowment.  At the time of purchase the original compiler of the album was unknown.  However with research clues led to it being compiled by Dr. Paul F. Rice, or a Rice family member.  Dr. Rice was a physician, and rancher, raising registered Holstein cattle near Cannon Ball, and Solen, North Dakota.

The album contains 191 snapshot photographs pasted onto the album pages. The photographs appear to have been taken between 1910 and 1913. They cover various geographic locations in Sioux and Morton Counties in North Dakota, including the towns of Cannon Ball, Fort Yates, Mandan, Shields, Porcupine. A number of the photographs feature photographs of Native Americans dressed in full regalia at the Fort Yates Fair in 1912. There is also a set of photographs taken during the dedication of Fort Rice Historic Site in July 1913. There are also images of the Missouri River, automobiles, bridges, landscapes, various churches, homes, buildings, and what appears to be family photographs.

The album can be viewed at: