Photograph Duplication Policy

- Visual materials may not be borrowed.

- All digital reproduction work is done through the Archives.

- Digital reproductions made are for personal reference use. Possession of a digital reproduction does not constitute permission to publish it. The term "to publish" includes, but is not limited to, print, film, video, slide presentation, television, computer or other electronic media, Web and exhibit formats.

- To publish, a "Permission to Publish" form must be completed and signed. In requesting to reproduce materials from these collections, the requester agrees to indemnify and hold the NDSU Archives and its staff harmless and free from liability for acts of the requester in any action involving infringement of the rights of any person or heirs and descendants under statutory copyright.

-  A descriptive record will be provided for all digital reproductions that includes all known identifying information.

- The NDSU Archives reserves the right to refuse to grant permission and/or to provide reproduction services to publishers and individuals who have not complied with these conditions.

- The worldwide, multiple uses, in perpetuity for a single project fee allows for the use of an image for advertisement, presentations, web and other formats, as long as it relates to the same project. Any future reissuing of the same project are included in this fee and resubmission of the Permission to Publish is not necessary.