Photograph Permission to Publish Policy

- The NDSU Archives  "Permission to Publish" form must be completed listing items used and for what purpose. The requester's signature indicates agreement with the use conditions and fees assessed, and the authorization of the archivist.

- Credit must be given to the NDSUArchives, as appropriate, and to the creator of the item, if known. The specific credit line will be given on the descriptive information provided with the digital image.

- Permission to publish is for one-time use only. The NDSU  Archives retain all intellectual property rights to the items. Reproductions are to be used only for the purpose stated on the permission form. The term "to publish" includes, but is not limited to, print, film, video, slide presentation, television, computer or other electronic transmission, Web and exhibit formats.

- The NDSU Archives reserves the right to limit the number of digital copies made; to restrict the use or reproduction of rare or valuable items; to ensure the use of material from its files is reproduced in good taste; to make special fee quotations on items unusually difficult to copy; and to deny a request because of copyright regulations, privacy rights, or donor-imposed restrictions.

- The requester is responsible for securing any necessary permission from the creator of the work or heirs, if known. The creator's name will be provided, if known.

- In requesting permission to publish materials from these collections, the requester agrees to indemnify and hold the NDSU Archives and its staff harmless and free from liability for acts of the requestor in any action involving infringement of the rights of any person, heirs, or descendants under statutory copyright.

-  The worldwide, multiple uses, in perpetuity for a single project fee allows the use of an image for advertisement, presentations, Web and other formats, as long as it relates to the same project. Any future reissuing of the same project are included in this fee and resubmission of the Permission to Publish is not necessary. In some cases a courtesy copy of the publication will be requested for the archives.