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Marketing North Dakota Livestock

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Title: Marketing North Dakota Livestock
Author: Carver, Robert D.
Description: The article gives details of the marketing of livestock in North Dakota in 1975. Beef production is North Dakota's second most important agricultural enterprise. Cattle and calf sales usually account for about 25%r of all cash receipts from North Dakota farm marketings, compared to about 40% for wheat. In 1973, the state ranked 12th in the number of beef cows, producing 3% of the nation's beef calves. The article has tables on: channels for North Dakota cattle marketings 1964-1973, channels for North Dakota cattle marketings 1964 and 1973, maior destinations for North Dakota cattle shipped direct - 1973 and auction marketings of North Dakota cattle, 1964 and 1973.
Date: 1974
Subject: Marketing
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/10194

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