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Proximate and Amino Acid Analysis of Ergot and Weed Seeds

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Title: Proximate and Amino Acid Analysis of Ergot and Weed Seeds
Author: Harrold, R. L.; Nalewaja, J. D.
Description: Animal nutritionists and livestock producers received little analytical information relative to the nutrient content of weed seeds, and so they had to rely on their previous experience and intuition. The authors presented data which was to provide useful facts to aid those trying to incorporated ergot and weed seeds into livestock diets. It was concluded that the analytical data included in this article would be of use to individuals who have occasion to include ground weed seeds (screenings) in feeds for livestock or poultry. The nutritive value of any sample of mixed seeds will be the sum of the products of the percentage of the individual weed seeds and their individual content of nutrients.
Date: 1974
Subject: Weeds
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/10196

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