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Cass County, N.D. Guardianship Records, ca. 1926-1950s

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Title: Cass County, N.D. Guardianship Records, ca. 1926-1950s
Author: Cass County, N.D. Guardianship Records
Abstract: The Cass County Court Guardianship Records span from circa 1926 into the 1950s. Files include applications, appointments, bonds, confirmation reports, guardian financial accounts, letters of guardianship, oaths, and petitions. Files pertain to the guardianship of minors, incompetents, and insane individuals. The original printed indexes are retained at the Cass County Clerk of Court office; no copy is available with the collection.
Date: -
Subject: Cass County, N.D.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/14362

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