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Title: NDSU Electron Microscopy Center
Author: Moore, Jayma; Payne, Scott
Abstract: The NDSU Electron Microscopy Center is a service facility involved in both scientific research and all levels of outreach from K-12 to other colleges. Part of its mission is stimulating interest in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology: active student involvement can generate more excitement than a traditional didactic approach. The Center’s $300,000 JEOL JSM-6490LV scanning electron microscope is available on-line for just such hands-on use. Operation of the SEM will be explained and demonstrated via a remote internet connection by Center staff Jayma Moore and Scott Payne. Technological solutions like this one can provide access and support for a variety of scholastic endeavors.
Date: 2011-03
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/14687

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