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Alice K. Olson Papers, 1968-1983

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Title: Alice K. Olson Papers, 1968-1983
Author: Olson, Alice K.
Abstract: The Alice Olson Papers and accompanying oral history interview provide us with a view of an extremely energetic feminist agent of social change and consciousness during the turbulent years of the 1960s and into the early 1980s. We can see how she interacted with people and politics on a local and national level to bring women into politics as more than just observers of the process, for them to be activists for causes that would elevate women‘s rights to a higher level than they had previously attained. Her details of her arrest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention and personal observations on this event that was of national historical significance are invaluable additions to available research on this topic.
Date: -
Subject: Politics and Government
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16741

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