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Recycling the Oil Boom

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Title: Recycling the Oil Boom
Author: Frick, Benjamin
Abstract: This thesis provides some answers to the question, how can a small community sustainably adapt to a localized oil boom? The typology for this examination to the problem is a recycling center. The theoretical premise/unifying idea that guides the research is, “the small community must adapt to the demand of an oil boom but with a sustainable approach.” The project justifi cation is, “If the small community doesn’t adapt to the demand of an oil boom it is likely to suffer socioeconomic collapse and environmental ruin. A sustainable approach is needed to ensure that the town’s infrastructure can adapt.”
Date: 2011-05
Subject: Recycling centers.
Sustainable architecture.
Oil industries.
Stanley (N.D.)
North Dakota.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16781

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