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Virtual World of Information

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Title: Virtual World of Information
Author: Sirota, Louis
Abstract: Currently, there is a disconnect between the digitization of the world and modern building design. This project attempts to answer the question, “how does ever-changing technology, and the culture that follows it influence the design of a building?” The research in this paper will help solve this problem and pave the way for incorporating technology into the very fabric of the architectural design of a building. The end result of this project will be an architecture that relates to its users and their changing technology needs. The spaces within the building will interact with the buildings users, display information to them in a more interactive way and allow for social networking. The typology of this project is an academic library for the digital revolution located on the North Dakota State Universities campus. This type of building will replace the old concept of a library, one that functions merely as a shell that contains books and paper-based information. With the digitization of the world, an entire building and the individual spaces that make up a building have the opportunity to display information to users in an interactive digitized way making the architecture a tool used to transmit and display information. The future of architecture depends upon embracing technology in order to create new forms, structures and designs that enhance the user’s experience.
Date: 2011-05
Subject: Digital libraries.
Academic libraries.
Library buildings.
Library architecture.
North Dakota State University.
Fargo (N.D.)
North Dakota.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16826

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