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Educative Junction

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Title: Educative Junction
Author: Sumner, Jason
Abstract: Educative Junction: A new model for public high school education. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. To inspire a greater value of mandatory public education in the eyes of students, a school built to accommodate that education should evoke, in a poetic sense, imagination and an aspiration for knowledge. Education is the foundation of virtually all facets of society, rippling its efficacy in tandem with societal development. The inspiration of students toward seeing the value of their own education and self-improvement is pivotal in the progression of the educational system and the infinite implications of that progress. The typology of this project is a public high school.
Date: 2011-05
Subject: High school facilities.
High school buildings.
School buildings.
School facilities.
Sioux Falls (S.D.)
South Dakota.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16880

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