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Reed Street Yards - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Title: Reed Street Yards - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Author: Leininger, Bryan
Abstract: This project is meant to explore the idea of low carbon development in cities post global peak oil. Milwaukee, like many other Rust Belt cities across the United States, has passed its industrial peak and today is left with an abandoned, misused, and scarred landscape. Much of the southwestern side of Milwaukee is scattered with sites in this exact situation. The site that will be studied lies along the Menomonee River, adjacent to the booming Third Ward. Many of the decrepit industrial structures from the site have either been torn down or are in the process of being repurposed and rehabilitated. Besides these structures, the site is completely abandoned and unused. The goal and vision of this study is to create a low carbon model development which can be used in cities across the United States. With proximity to rail, water and existing bike path infrastructure, the new vision will influence people to use alternative low carbon modes of transportation. All new structures and site design elements will follow a low carbon code and policy system to ensure definite sustainability.
Date: 2011
Subject: Milwaukee (Wis.)
Sustainable architecture.
Abandoned buildings -- Renovation for other use.
Landscape architecture.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16911

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