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Resilience To Our Decaying Urban Infrastructure

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Title: Resilience To Our Decaying Urban Infrastructure
Author: Benson, Patrick
Abstract: In what ways can environmentally functioning plants reverse the decay of urban infrastructure and reveal the lack of visibility in areas that are left abandoned, unrecognized and unnoticed? The project typology in this scenario would be a ‘greening’ brownfield. The theoretical premise/unifying idea is that the high density urban core of St. Paul, Minnesota must be revamped into an active participant in the urban fabric to stimulate population growth in the downtown core districts. The project justification is livability and sustainability. Most importantly the inert feeling of quality should find itself in the very fabric of the urban landscape. As a steward of the landscape I feel obligated to revive our urban lands in an attempt to better our world and its natural processes even in the most unnatural settings.
Date: 2011-05
Subject: Sustainable architecture.
St. Paul (Minn.)
Sustainable urban development.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/16928

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