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North Dakota's state and local tax system : an overview

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Title: North Dakota's state and local tax system : an overview
Author: Dorow, Norbert A.; Leitch, Jay A.; Baltezore, James F.
Description: EC-963; This publication is designed to help citizens better understand North Dakota's state and local tax system and the use of taxes in providing our major state and local public services. This publication is an abbreviated version of the more comprehensive publication, "North Dakota's State and Local Tax System." It also includes a summary of the research publication, "Evaluation of State-Level Tax Equity in North Dakota in 1986." These two publications were developed from a tax study conducted cooperatively by the NDSU Extension Service and the department of agricultural economics, Agricultural Experiment Station, and with support from the office of vice-president for academic affairs at NDSU.
Date: 1988
Subject: Laws and regulations
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/17459

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