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MXC Transit Center

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Title: MXC Transit Center
Author: Kuster, Kris
Abstract: Students in this studio were asked to study the planning principles of a 1960’s “new town” that was proposed for west-central Minnesota, the Minnesota Experimental City(MXC). They were then asked to imagine a new or hybrid typology based on these principles, select a site as if the city had been built in the urban or rural settings that were proposed northwest of Alexandria, and design a building, circa 2011. The MXC Transit Center forms a communal nexus for the Minnesota Experimental City. Its primary function is serving passengers riding the Midwest High-Speed Rail line. Upon detraining, travelers may continue their exploration of the city via taxicab or by renting a dual-mode pod vehicle. Passengers may also visit the large farmer’s market, which hosts a myriad of the MXC’s finest produce and artisanry. A tram to the local airport allows the station to serve as a park-and-ride, while also allowing delayed air travelers a chance to visit the city by means of an efficient and timely transportation system. The design process began with a cardboard study model, in which I made incisions, which then allowed me to begin folding the landscape. By staggering the platforms vertically, they were able to become more integrated with the rest of the station’s functions. This arrangement is ideal for railfans and fresh encounters. The canopy is essentially a glazed shell [and an exercise in learning Grasshopper 3d], covered on the exterior by series of fabric which are fastened at regular intervals onto a rotatable node. These nodes are then rotated, deforming the fabric, and letting optimal daylight into major function areas. The softness of the fabric evokes imagery of covered wagons traveling through the prairies. ¬¬
Date: 2011-11
Subject: ARCH 771 - Advanced Architectural Design
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/19133

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