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MXC - Infinity Baths

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Kuelbs - Fall 2011 Presentation - Cindy Urness.pdf
Title: MXC - Infinity Baths
Author: Kuelbs, Peter
Abstract: Students in this studio were asked to study the planning principles of a 1960’s “new town” that was proposed for west-central Minnesota, the Minnesota Experimental City(MXC). They were then asked to imagine a new or hybrid typology based on these principles, select a site as if the city had been built in the urban or rural settings that were proposed northwest of Alexandria, and design a building, circa 2011. The Infinity Baths were designed as an aquatic center for the Minnesota Experimental City. The typology was generated with the concept of the MXC’s multi-service center in mind. It was intended to be a water-based recreational hub at the center of the MXC. Major project elements include an Olympic pool, indoor and outdoor recreational pools, and a watercraft marina. Inspiration for the form was drawn from the surrounding landscape - in particular the isthmus and saddle on which the site rests. The design pays tribute to this unique landform while attempting not to detract from it.
Date: 2011-11
Subject: ARCH 771 - Advanced Architectural Design
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/19139

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