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Hallmark Wellness

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Hallmark Proposal Final Submission.pdf
Title: Hallmark Wellness
Author: Staloch, Kirsten
Abstract: Design elements in the built and natural environment influence how humans react in a space. Penetrating light proves to increase wellness in time. Quality illuminance in health care areas result in better health outcomes. An enriched environment for continuous care with natural elements and human life are unifying to extend wellness. This comprehensive thesis project concentrates on a center that provides a community of care for the continuous wellness of humans after an illness. The functions of the building will be used by citizens of Omaha, Nebraska in need of health care to reach their previous life. Medical and support staff will also use the building. An enriched environment of quality light for continuous medical care is titled Hallmark Wellness. This is a combination of letters taken from important words to describe the project. The total square footage for the building is 16,360 sq. ft. and over 19,540 sq. ft. including the outdoor space.
Date: 2012-05
Subject: Hospital architecture.
Health facilities.
Light in architecture.
Omaha (Neb.)
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/19744

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