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Unwanted Inevitability

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Title: Unwanted Inevitability
Author: Sager, Zachary
Abstract: According to the USDA, The upper midwest as well as the rest of the regions of the United States have been in a climatic wet-cycle since 1993. Excess precipitation has lead to increased flood likliness. In many countries around the globe, the inevitability of “Water Scarcity” has become all too real. These countries stuggle to meet daily requirements of freshwater to uphold civilization. As the Earth’s population grows, the amount of freshwater available for each individual becomes less and less. It is common climatic knowledge that a wet cycle is typically followed by a much more prolonged dry cycle. In a time when every drop of fresh water is becoming more precious, it is essential to develop systems to maintain, purify, and properly utilize the resources remaining within site parameters. Through new techniques and extensive research, it is the goal of this thesis program to develop techniques to aid in two areas: 1). Collecting “produced water” from surrounding oil field derricks, transferring the water to a designed filtration system, purifying the “produced water,” and recycling the water for future industrial and residential use. 2). Within the same system, design to conserve and recycle water to replenish a depleting natural resource within the region.
Date: 2012-05
Subject: Greenbelts.
Oil field brines -- Purification.
Williston (N.D.)
North Dakota.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/20010

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