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A Package Tracking Application Based On Software Agents

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Title: A Package Tracking Application Based On Software Agents
Author: Jonnalagadda, Vindhya
Abstract: JADE (Java Agent Development Framework) is a software environment, which is fully developed in the Java language. It supports multi-agent systems using an extensible agent model and predefined program classes. This software environment built agent systems in compliance with the FIPA specifications for interoperable multi-agent systems. The goal of JADE is to simplify development while ensuring standard compliance through a set of system services and agents. In this project I propose and implement a multi-agent application. The objective of the application is to track packages on a real-time basis using a Multi-agent System, from when the package moves from one warehouse to another until it reaches the destination warehouse. Carrier agents and warehouse agents will carry packages. A tracker agent is used as a mediator, and will read the data from the carrier and warehouse agents and write the data to the database.
Date: -
Subject: Intelligent agents (Computer software)
Multiagent systems.
Radio frequency identification systems.
Automatic tracking.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/21658

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