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Mining Association Rules in Cloud

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Title: Mining Association Rules in Cloud
Author: Roy, Pallavi
Abstract: The association rule mining was implemented in Hadoop. An association rule mining helps in finding relation between the items or item sets in the given data. The performance of the algorithm was evaluated by testing it in the cloud (EC2) by increasing the number of nodes in the testing set up. The association rules are developed on the basis of the frequent item set generated from the data. The frequent item set were generated following the Apriori algorithm. As the input data and number of distinct items in the data set is large, lots of space and memory is required, so Hadoop was used, as Hadoop provide parallel, scalable, robust framework in the distributed environment.
Date: -
Subject: Association rule mining.
Computer algorithms.
Cloud computing.
Apache Hadoop.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/21748

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