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Dalrymple Farms Records, 1880-ca. 1950

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Title: Dalrymple Farms Records, 1880-ca. 1950
Author: Dalrymple Farms
Abstract: Correspondence, including letter (1880) to A.R. Dalrymple from Oliver Dalrymple; interviews with Erasmus G. Hagen, John Hanson, Joseph Hanson, Ralph L. Miller, David and Nellie Minnis, and John H. Pannebaker; index to articles concerning bonanza farms and the Dalrymples; financial statements (1907, 1910, 1918); inventories (1908-1909, 1911-1917, 1919), and cultivation statements, crop disposition, and crop income and distribution statements (1908-1919); and clippings relating to Oliver and Silas Dalrymple, the farms, early telephones in the area, and President Hayes's visit to Fargo, N.D., and the Dalrymple farm (1878).
Date: -
Subject: Agriculture, Bonanza Farms and Land Development
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/21896

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