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Potential Acquisition form (email version)

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Potential Acquisition Form.pdf
Title: Potential Acquisition form (email version)
Author: GRHC
Abstract: This version of the GRHC’s Potential Acquisition form is intended for email use. If you don’t live close to the GRHC, if you have a lot of material you want to donate, or if you are unsure if the GRHC will accept your donation, please fill out this form. This form needs to be filled out in detail by the potential donor. This form can be filled out by first clicking on the image; then save it to your computer and attach it in an email message to the appropriate person(s) designated on the form. If need be, the form can also be printed out and mailed in or returned to the GRHC in person. The potential donor will be notified by the GRHC if the donation will be accepted or not. Please contact the GRHC about your materials prior to donating them, and submit this form prior to donation.
Date: -
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22195

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