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[2012.28.02] Portrait of the Oberlander family

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Title: [2012.28.02] Portrait of the Oberlander family
Author: Stickelmyer, Irmgard (Oberlander)
Abstract: Photographic image. Black and white. Cabinet photograph of a family. Middle-aged couple seated in front with woman at left side. She wears white bodice of lightly sprigged fabric, long sleeves, lace edged cuffs, collar and two rows down center front; dark skirt. She hold hymnal with the chalice on the cover. Man at right in dark suit with vest and pocket watch attached to chain at top of vest; white shirt with band collar, no tie. He has a handlebar moustache. He holds a prayer book/Bible with a simple outline cross on the cover. Adult man standing behind couple with one hand on seated man’s shoulder. He wears similar suit but with a patterned shirt. Boy with side-buttoned jacket stands at far left with one hand on woman’s shoulder. Background is white house with one window partially visible behind standing adult. Flowers in pots on ground far left and right. Believed to be a portrait of the Oberlander family with the man in the back being Friedrich Oberlander. Circa 1890-1894. Photographer was an undetermined studio in Odessa. Courtesy of Irmgard (Oberlander) Stickelmyer Collection, 2012.28, GRHC.
Date: c. 1890-1894
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22198

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