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James and Clara McKissick interview, 1953.

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Title: James and Clara McKissick interview, 1953.
Author: McKissick, James
Abstract: Extensive interview with James and Clara Trammell McKissick about his father, Charles, who managed the Dwight Farm, later the Hinkle Smith Farm near Amenia, N.D. and the Grandin Farm near Mayville. Mentions the livestock and acreage at Grandin Farm, Oliver Dalrymple, immigrant farm laborers, James McKissick's education and various jobs as farmer, milk truck driver, butcher shop owner, hog shrinker and a hired man who set fire to McKissick's barns.
Date: -
Subject: Agriculture, Bonanza Farms and Land Development
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22305

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