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A. G. Holstrom collection, 1953-1954.

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Title: A. G. Holstrom collection, 1953-1954.
Author: Holstrom, A. G. (Aaron G.)
Abstract: Typed summaries of three detailed interviews. One interview (7 leaves) with Rachel Holstrom, widow of A.G., mentions her life at Grandin Farm No. 1, their servants, entertaining the Grandins, and winter vacations in California. Second interview (5 leaves) with Harry Holstrom, nephew of A.G. Holstrom, and his year working on the Grandin Farm, including harvest, laundry, livestock, and his own farm. Funeral book with photo of A.G. Holstrom included.
Date: -
Subject: Agriculture, Bonanza Farms and Land Development
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22338

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