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Title: Document Management System
Author: Sharma, Aman
Abstract: The debate of using paper documents over computer documents has been a long topic of interest, there has been a lot of research done on the topic. Also, experiments have been done to evaluate the performance of users working with computers v/s working manually with no definitive conclusions (Chris Anderson, 2010) (Askwal, 1985) (Noyes and Graland, 2008). However, one cannot deny the time it takes to store and go through papers manually. Every year, new policies help the user understand the guidelines and operational procedures that they have to follow while being employed by a company. Keeping track of such documents as well as assigning tasks to certain users for revising such are tasks that are lengthy and cumbersome, and are not automated. The software proposed in this paper would help an organization maintain documents, reducing unnecessary tasks and the disk space on the machine.
Date: -
Subject: Management information systems.
Information storage and retrieval systems -- Business.
Computer software -- Development.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22418

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