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[2012.21.29] Portrait of a young girl

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Title: [2012.21.29] Portrait of a young girl
Author: Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas)
Abstract: Photographic postcard. Black and white. Studio photograph of young girl sitting on table covered oriental carpet-type table cover; back drop is forest scene. Girl seated with ankles crossed, two fingers of one hand over and under the other hand, head looking slightly to one side. She is wearing dark dress with light print, short sleeves; two tiers of plain dark ruffles at and above hem; ribbon bow in hair and at neck, ribbon sash with bow under arms; heart pin or necklace below neck bow; metal bracelet on left hand. Hair is ringlets pulled back. Inscribed on back, “Jo Ann June/ Apr 27 – 1935/ Dec 7 – 1938/ To Aunt Dora Geiszler/ Fredonia, N.D.” Courtesy of Ralph & Loretta (Jonas) Schultz Collection, 2012.21, GRHC.
Date: -
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22510

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