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[2012.21.43] Snapshot of two girls in dresses standing outside

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Title: [2012.21.43] Snapshot of two girls in dresses standing outside
Author: Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas)
Abstract: Photographic print. Black and white. Snapshot of two girls taken outside. Shadow of camera person falls on the shorter girl’s dress. Both have short hair and dresses with drop waists. Girl at right has dark dress with light designs, both hands hidden. Girl at left has shiny plaid dress. Peaking from distance between girls and on the right are boys wearing newsboy caps. Trees are bare. Stamped on back, “4L 27.” Courtesy of Ralph & Loretta (Jonas) Schultz Collection, 2012.21, GRHC.
Date: -
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22530

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