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Hulda Ensslen Photograph Collection


The Hulda Ensslen photographs are a part of the Hulda Ensslen Collection and contain 8 photographic images of different formats. The photographic postcards [2012.08.01-04] are black and white and are all from Germany. Two of them have writing on the back. The postcard [2012.08.05] is a Happy Birthday card that has not been used. The prayer card [2012.08.06] is a litho print with No. 47 printed on the front. It has an image of Jesus with Thomas. On the back of the prayer card is the bible verse John Ch. 20, V. 24-29 in German. The two photographic prints [2012.08.07-08] were found in one of the envelopes with the correspondence. The photographs are two small prints of a house. They both contain German writing on the back. All of the materials in the collection were found by the donor, Frances Janke, in the attic of the home that once was owned by Samuel Ensslen.

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