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Emergency Social Media Search

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Title: Emergency Social Media Search
Author: Ginjala, Ashok Reddy
Abstract: Providing real time information from people involved in an emergency is vital in emergency management. Nowadays, large number of emergency information management resources and also a number of social media search tools that deliver user generated content are available online. However, there is an increasing demand for additional informational resources and tools which query and present user-submitted information about emergencies and disasters. The primary objective of our research is to unite the areas of emergency information management and user generated social content. The main motivation behind our research is the fact that the real time information coming in from the general public should be utilized in emergency management. We have made this possible by developing an Emergency Social Media Search (eSMS) tool that allows users to search for the social media updates based on emergency categories and optimize the search results based on keywords and geographic location.
Date: -
Subject: Emergency management -- Information technology.
Emergency management -- Information services.
Emergency communication systems.
Online social networks.
Social media.
Real-time data processing.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22570

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