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Agent-Based Modeling to Simulate the Movement of a Flock of Birds

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Title: Agent-Based Modeling to Simulate the Movement of a Flock of Birds
Author: Byrisetty, Naga Chaitanya
Abstract: The most beautiful, mysterious movements of bird flocks have always amused the human and led his thinking towards what makes these complex movements possible. This paper discusses the simulation of such bird behavior based on Craig W. Reynolds’s work on bird flocking, satisfying three main objectives and trying to mimic the natural behavioral characteristics of the flock in various circumstances using Netlogo5.1.  Objective One: To develop working software that simulates movement for a flock of birds using agent-based modeling in a two-dimensional world.  Objective Two: To direct the flock towards forage grounds while sustaining the wind and obstacles affecting the flock’s propagation.  Objective Three: To introduce a predator into the world, study, and simulate the flock’s escape behavior.
Date: -
Subject: NetLogo (Computer program language)
Computer simulation.
Swarm intelligence.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22769

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