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Urban Transitions: making connections between transportation to the livable environment

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Title: Urban Transitions: making connections between transportation to the livable environment
Author: Olson, Adam
Abstract: The dependence on personal vehicles for transportation continues to grow for Americans. This has changed the shape of our cities toward automobile oriented transportation over the past decades. In return cities have been designed to be vehicle friendly causing higher automobile traffic and lower pedestrian oriented neighborhoods; resulting in the expansion of the cities beyond the sustainable boundaries which depletes more agricultural lands and natural resources. This study explores the potential options available to reduce the automobile dependency and enhance multi-modal transportation within urban cores. This has been done by evaluating various case studies and their relevant implementations. This research evaluates case studies in transportation oriented developments along with revitalizing streets to hypothesize that redesigning core urban neighborhoods around public transportation will reinforce sustainable livable communities. The case studies are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively in order to make comparisons on the design elements. The elements analyzed include land use, public transportation, and street composition. This research concludes with the discussing different options cities can adopt, and what elements have been proven to create more sustainable livable communities.
Date: 2013-05
Subject: Transit-oriented development.
Streetscapes (Urban design)
Local transit stations.
Minneapolis (Minn.)
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22816

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