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Conspicuous hydrology: The untapped potential of stormwater

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Title: Conspicuous hydrology: The untapped potential of stormwater
Author: DuChene, Courtney
Abstract: Freshwater only represents 1% of the total water supply on Earth and is an essential entity for life to exist. Urban development has lead to the pollution and degradation of this essential element. Due to the existing urban development and lack of stormwater management facilities, water cannot be used for its natural process throughout the city. Since urban development has implemented impervious surfaces 70 percent of water pollution in our country comes from non-point sources such as urban runoff. By implementing a stormwater management system into Tacoma, Washington, residents and tourists will better utilize the core of the city, through the use of small public plazas and a connection to existing bodies of water such as, Commencement Bay. In order to understand the implementation of a successful stormwater system, precedent studies need to be reviewed and analyzed. By understanding how other cities have effectively integrateda stormwater system into an existing city is needed information. This is a quantitative study looking at objectives of quality, quantity and amenity. Within each of these categories are specific assessment measures that will lead to a successful stormwater management system. Assessment measures include, conveyance, filtration, education, aesthetics and recreation.
Date: 2013-05-09
Subject: Urban parks.
Urban runoff -- Management.
Water harvesting.
Tacoma (Wash.)
Washington (State)
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22837

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