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Reed Township School District # 15 Records, 1884-1942

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Title: Reed Township School District # 15 Records, 1884-1942
Author: Reed Township School District # 15
Abstract: The Reed Township School District # 15 records are split into two series; Teachers Registers, and Clerks Records. The teachers registers consist of books that were used by the teacher of school district #15 for anything that dealt with the everyday functions of the school. In the registers attendance was taken along with the daily routine of the children and events that happened throughout the day. The school district #15 clerk was responsible for accurately organizing, filing, and retrieving information regarding the schools records and accounts. The clerk ensures that records were kept in an organized manner and up to date on the schools changes. The clerk’s records contain the financial and administrative records. In the records there are board meeting minutes, receipts, and teacher salary summaries.
Date: -
Subject: Education
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22893

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