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[2011.08.02] Image of a gray shawl

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Title: [2011.08.02] Image of a gray shawl
Author: Grenz, Susan
Abstract: Photographic image. Color. Image of a gray shawl. The shawl is a medium gray on one side and a dark gray on the other. The shawl is a 64 inch square with a double-weave twill. The fringe in the back is twisted. The shawl was found in rafters in a garage on the farm. The shawl was owned by Christina Grenz. This shawl was donated along with the rest of the collection but is housed at the Emily P. Reynolds Historic Costume Collection on the NDSU campus. [This image of the shawl was taken by GRHC staff. The item number is for the actual shawl and not the image]. Courtesy of Susan Grenz Collection, 2011.08, GRHC.
Date: -
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22906

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