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Path Planning under Failures in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Title: Path Planning under Failures in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author: Paturu Raghunatha Rao, Nityananda Suresh
Abstract: This paper explores how an all pair shortest path can be obtained in a wireless sensor network when sensors fail. Sensors are randomly deployed in a predefined geographical area, simulating the deployment of sensors from an airplane, and finding shortest path between all the sensors deployed based on distance. A major problem to address in wireless sensor networks is the impact of sensor failures on existing shortest paths in the network. An application is developed to simulate a network and find shortest paths affected by a sensor failure and find alternative shortest path. When a sensor fails, all the shortest paths and all the remaining sensors in the network are checked to see if the sensor failure has any impact on the network. Alternative shortest path is calculated for those paths affected by sensor failures.
Date: -
Subject: Wireless sensor networks.
Routing (Computer network management)
Computer algorithms.
Sensor networks.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/22971

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